How to Make the Most Out of Your Daily Bible Study

daily Bible study, spiritual growth

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I LOVE to do a daily Bible study

I love to just jump in and read the Bible.  I can get so lost in the incredible stories!  It truly is my favorite book.

BUT, as much as I love to read it, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to read, or that the information always sticks.  Some parts of the Bible are incredibly tricky for me to understand, and some parts are so loaded with important information that I feel like I need to meditate on one Scripture for a week before moving on.

Quite often I like to work through scripted daily Bible studies, do daily devotionals, and read other books about the Bible to aid in my learning and growth.  These kinds of things are great tools to really enhance your understanding of God’s Word.

But it’s also vitally important to read through the Word on your own.

For me, this is the time when I feel God speak to me the most.  I am not on a quest to “read the Bible in a year,” or “get 20 minutes a day” in, I am on a quest to intimately know my King.

I don’t read just to say I did it, I read to draw nearer to the one who created me, the lover of my soul, the creator of the universe.  [bctt tweet=”Read the Bible to draw nearer to your creator, the lover of your soul, the creator of the Universe.” via=”no”]

So, today I want to share with you how I am currently studying my Bible and making the most out of what I am learning.

Bible Color-Coding!

daily Bible study, spiritual growth

There are lots of ideas out there for how to color code your Bible and why you should do it.  Many of them lead you on a quest to find Scriptures on a specific topic and highlight them all.  I do study like this occasionally, when I need information on one specific subject, but I think if you always study like this you miss the bigger picture and you can easily take things out of context.

I like to keep it simple and let God really minister to my heart.

By reading just a short bit and then taking the time to thoroughly dissect it, I can really let it just soak in, penetrate my mind and my heart, and ultimately transform me into the person God created me to be.

After I have color-coded the passage, then I jot down the things that really stood out to me in my study journal.  I am a visual learner so my journal is pretty colorful, that’s helpful to me later on when I re-read it.

Studying like this has taken my quiet time to a whole new level, by building up my own confidence.  I’m no longer relying on the studies that other people have done (as good as they may be), instead I’m allowing God to create a perfect Bible study, uniquely designed for me and only me.

The lessons He is teaching me are completely unique to my season in life, to my circumstances, to my gifts, and to my struggles.

And at the same time I am growing deeper in my relationship with God as He reveals His nature and His character to me.  I’ll never find another study that is that perfect for me, and neither will you!

Here is how you can begin your own unique and completely customized daily Bible study:

daily Bible study, spiritual growth

  1. Create a color-code chart, assigning a different color or highlighter to each category.  Think about what kind of things are you looking for in your study time.  You can make this as simple or as complex as you like.  I have seen some lists with only 3-4 things and I have seen some that are a few pages long!  Mine currently has 18 categories; it didn’t start with that many but as I find things that I feel are relevant and don’t really fit within my current categories, then I just add new ones.  My current categories look like this…
    1. Meaningful to me as a Christian
    2. Meaningful to me as a wife
    3. Meaningful to me as a mom
    4. Meaningful to me as a teacher (school-related)
    5. Meaningful to me as an encourager (blog-related)
    6. Sin!  Danger!  Stop!  Warnings!
    7. Characteristics of God
    8. Prayer references
    9. Financial references
    10. FAITH!!!!!!
    11. “In Christ” Scriptures
    12. Relationship references
    13. God’s words
    14. God’s commands
    15. God’s promises
    16. Desirable traits to have/copy
    17. Instructions for right living
    18. Healing/health
  2. Decide where you want to dive in.  There is no perfect design or a specific guided reading plan for this type of study.  Start reading wherever you want to.  I am currently working my way through the Psalms, doing only one Psalm at a time, but if I sit down tomorrow and suddenly have the urge to be in Hebrews, I have the freedom to do that!  You can read wherever you choose to and you can do as much or as little as you like.  If you want to do an entire book, one chapter, or just one verse it’s completely up to you.  Let God speak to your heart to help you decide.  (If you are brand new to the Bible, a great place to start in is the New Testament in the book of John, followed by James.)
  3. Read through your selection.  Then re-read it, paying special attention to every word, phrase, and idea.  Carefully dissect it and highlight/color/underline each part according to your color-code chart.  Sometimes a particular section may fall in line with several of your categories.  When that happens to me, I just get creative and make a way to use each color I need.  (Remember, I’m visual and this works for me!)
  4. Use the post-its and your pens to jot down anything important enough that you want to have a quick reference right in your Bible.
  5. Read your passage again!  Notice each individual part that you have highlighted and allow God to really let it sink in.  When you hear that still small voice inside, telling you “Hey, this is important, maybe you should be paying attention here,”  that’s the voice of God calling out to you.  LISTEN TO IT!!
  6. Use your notebook to jot down important notes about the things you have learned.  I like to write a few notes about each highlight I’ve made, that is my way to go deeper and let the truth of God’s word minister to my heart and mind.  I also like to make my notebook very colorful (it’s that visual learning thing again) to help important things stand out, and to make for quick reference for me in the future.  If you have nevertriedjournaling your Bible study time, the SOAP Method may be very helpful to you.  It works like this:
    1. Scripture– write a Scripture or passage that was meaningful to you.
    2. Observation– write down what stuck out to you about this passage.  What is God saying?  What did you learn from it?
    3. Application– write down a way that you can make this passage personal.  Is there something you can do to begin applying what you learned to your life today?
    4. Prayer– write out a personal prayer stemming from what you have read.  You can ask for help in the application, ask for deeper revelation regarding this topic, ask for ways to share what you have learned with others, or just pray the Scriptures over yourself and others.
  7. Finally, never allow yourself to feel rushed!!!  If you can’t finish all of these steps in one sitting then put it aside and come back to it later.  Life happens, give yourself a break.  Reading God’s Word should be a time of rejuvenation for your soul, it shouldn’t feel stressful.  Give yourself time to really reflect and seek God so that He can reveal His truth to you.  Sometimes it may take me several days to finish up all of these steps for just one passage, and that is the beauty of studying like this!  I’m never rushed, I never feel guilty for not keeping up with someone else’s timeline because I am studying according to my own timeline.  You will never feel pressured to finish by a certain date when you allow God to take control of your study time and gently lead you to where He wants you to be.

Now go, be encouraged, get your crayons and get creative with God!

“Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  2 Timothy 2:15

Blessings and love,


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Author: Tiffany Young

I'm an Army wife, homeschooling mom of 6, and a beautifully flawed human being. I live a very messy but very authentic life, perfected daily by the Grace and Love of Jesus. I hope you'll join my tribe as we grow together, encouraging one another to live authentically as empowered women, empowering other women.

93 thoughts on “How to Make the Most Out of Your Daily Bible Study”

      1. Thanks you so much for sharing this post. I have been trying to find away to read the Bible without rushing and on a timeline. This gives me a great way to learn more and to get closer to God. Thanks again

  1. This is a great post! I always feel like I never know where to start with my Bible reading, and tend to just use a Bible study and a devotional, but this inspires me to just dive in. 🙂 Thank you!

    1. That’s awesome Kaylee! It’s funny that a book so full of life and love can be so intimidating, lol! Enjoy your study time, I hope God really speaks to you in a big way!!

    2. Thank you so much Tiffany. I have tried to read the Bible so many times and failed that I’ve given up. I’m also a visual learner, your way of studying the bible will most definitely help. I pray this time it will be different.

  2. Thanks for writing this as I’ve been looking for something to do Bible studies without having to buy books from teachers. As I want to dig deeper on my own, and this fits nicely.

    1. That’s awesome Kathy! I’m so glad this post gave you some inspiration to just dive in on your own! I’ll be praying that God meets you right where you are with exactly what He needs you to know! Blessings, Tiffany

    1. Hi Paula! That is wonderful! I love hearing from people that I was able to give a little inspiration too, it puts a smile in my heart! I hope you really enjoy studying like this! Blessings!

  3. That’s wonderful Jinny! I know that rushed feeling and this study really does make me feel like its okay to just slow down and take my time and really let God minister to my heart. I hope you have a wonderful and inspired study time!

  4. So excited to start this. I never know how to start something like this. Very great tips. Thank you.

    Tiffany C.

    1. Thank you Tiffany, that’s such a sweet thing to say! I absolutely love being able to be so free in my study time, I really hope that you enjoy it too. I’ll be praying for God to speak a specific message to you as you jump in! Thanks so much for stopping by, have a wonderful study time!


  5. This was very helpful and encouraging! What are the crayons for? Are they just an alternative to the highlighters? Or did I miss it? I’m excited to try this method. Thank you for taking the time to share it and keep it simple!!!

    1. Hi Misty!

      Thank you for such a nice comment! I use the crayons in addition to the highlighters. I use my highlighters for the broader categories, like “meaningful to me as an encourager…” and instead of highlighting the entire section, I outline it. Then I use the crayons for the more specific categories, like “character traits of God” or “warnings!”

      I hope that makes sense! But the beauty of this study is that you can really do whatever you want or whatever makes sense to you! I hope you really enjoy the freedom in your study time!

      Thanks so much for reading!


  6. I don’t think there is anything wrong with reading the Bible in a year. I think it’s wonderful. So is spending a minimum set time to study each day. Everyone had different methods and different methods have different advantages. I don’t think people who do these things are doing it “to say they’ve done it”, I think it’s simply the only way they know how. Is wonderful that you are sharing a creative and fun way to study the Bible, but for people who are motivated by structure and practicality, creative approaches may feel as unappealing as a structured and practical approach feels to you!

    I think any Bible study is good!

    1. Hi Jordon, thanks for commenting. I absolutely agree with you, I think there is definitely no right or wrong way to spend time studying God’s word. Structured studies are a great way to study, and I do use them too. This is simply a tool to help people who are looking for something with a little less structure. Blessings to you!

  7. This came up on my Pinterest feed and I can’t thank you enough. Having a system to follow is just what I needed! Thanks for sharing this:)

  8. Hi! I just found your blog through Pinterest and I’m totally going to subscribe right away. (and follow you on all the social media accounts I have 🙂 I’ve felt a calling on my heart to start studying the Bible more and learn more about God and how He wants me to live my life, and this post definitely inspired me to get started right away. I’m a visual learner as well so the color coding idea is amazing and I can’t wait to try it out! Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Mary! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I am so glad you were inspired by this post and I hope your studying is going well!
      Blessings, Tiffany

  9. Absolutely amazing, simple, practical and useful. Thank you for this. As a teacher and the wife of a home dialysis patient, I often feel like I am cramming in time with Gid in the morning because I want to give Him that time…..however I often forget what we discussed or what I’ve read because as soon as I say “amen” and close the bible, my life goes so fast! I want to go deeper in the lord. Reading the word is not always easy for me, but I do love to journal and worship through song. This blog hasn’t just shown me some new techniques l, but it has also freed me

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!! God just wants our heart, and He designed us all uniquely so there is no one size fits all!! I love that you’re finding freedom in your own style of worship and devotion! Thank you so much for your sweet words!

  10. Would you mind sharing what colors/highlighter or Crayon, that you used for each of your 18 categories? The pictures are not clear enough to see them.

    Thanks SO much for sharing a fairly simple way to mark the meaning of scripture in my Bible!

  11. I am a new person trying out bible reading, feeling lost on what, where and how to start. Your post help new beginners like myself to have confidence in getting closer to God through any methods we feel is best for us. Thanks for being a light guiding the lost ones. God bless you abundantly Tiffany, much love and appreciation 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Roseanne! I so firmly believe that the Bible should never be made out to be intimidating to anyone, there’s always something to learn for each of us in every season! I’m praying for your continued growth! Blessings!!

  12. Thank you so much for being so sincere and telling everything without mincing words. Have been struggling with my bible reading for years….. I started in an unconventional way like yours but fell to the pressure of reading through the bible in a year…..Thank you for being a blessing. Am sure going back to the my unconventional way… Now I can sap and recieve all God has for me.

    1. Yay!!!!! Congratulations!! Christ came to set us free, not to keep us under the bondage of what everyone else says we should do or be! I’m so happy for you, I’m praying that your study time continues to be blessed and that you will continue to seek God’s heart in the way that best connects you!

  13. God bless you Tiffany! Thank you so much for sharing this it has given me motivation for studying my Bible better. I love the colors as well.

  14. Tiffany, I thank you so very much for your ideas of highlighting the Bible. I am just getting into wanting to learn more about it, and getting deeper into the Word of God is just what I want. I am just having to decide on the colors for what topics and ways to go about highlighting, starting a scripture journal, and making sure that I do it in an effective way.

    1. That’s great Alysa! I hope you’ve found something that works well for you, but try not to get too caught up in having the perfect supplies, sometimes you just have to jump in and tweak things as you go!

  15. I love this soooo much I was looking all over for a good way to do a bible reading and I could not find one.. So thank you!

  16. Hi Tiffany! I just want to thank you for a very inspiring post. I have just started again to do my devotion journal. There’s this still voice in my heart that I needed to do it for me to know God deeper and grow in faith as well. And just like you, im a visual learner too! I love seeing colors on my journal and Bible. About that personal devotion thing, it’s an excellent idea! I mean i have always relied on other people’s ready to read devotionals and they are a great guide really. Im thankful to that. But most of the time, i tend to dive in on the Word on my own because there’s God who speaks to me in that verse. Didn’t know that it’s about having my personal perfect devotion. Reading this encouraged me more.

    Btw, I am Rona. A Filipina who is happily married to a Taiwanese pastor. I am super blessed reading your blog. Im sure I will be a regular reader.

    1. Hi Rona, that’s so sweet! I totally agree with you, there’s nothing quite as good as getting in the Word on your own and really letting God lead you and speak to you! Thanks so much for reading!

  17. I love this! I tweeked it a little to fit my needs. I am learning disabled so I use my kindle or phone a lot to read to me and for highlighting and notes (especially since I lose notebooks or forget to bring them with me and write in them). Since there is only 4 colors to choose from I combined much of your color coding into the 4 highlighters which you made very easy and convenient to do. I also love the fact that you stated to take your time and not rush even if it takes you several days to finish! Thank you for your wonderful knowledge and insight!

    1. That’s a great idea Trisha! I love that you tweaked it to fit your needs and your learning style! Reading the Bible should be fun and there’s definitely no right way to do it! I’m so glad you’re finding freedom in your study time, keep it up! Praying for you today!

  18. Hi tiffany! my name is giulia.
    i read this and its fantastic!
    i am a jehovas witness and we absolutly belive in the bible like you do. we want to live exactly like our god is telling us in the bible.
    your bible study is absolutly amazing!
    i read that you also like to read books or stuff that helps you to understand the bible better. i personally love to use this website and this book. its very easy to understand , especially for beginners. you find a looot of important and intressting things all around the bible ond this website. and the book i was speaking about is this one
    greetings :))

  19. You are awesome!!! I’ve been struggling over the past and some abuse. I have let the devil take hold and I’m am so tired of him!

    1. Oh Marti, that makes me so sad and so happy all at the same time! I’m so glad you’re feeling empowered, take hold of that and run with it girl! Praying for you today!

  20. This is completely fantastic!! I am wanting to study my Bible deeper and not just read it. I’m the type of person that needs things laid out for me and this is amazing! Thank you so much! I’m excited to see God’s word in a whole new light!

  21. Thank you so much for sharing your way of studying the Bible. This has been such an encouragement to me! I don’t think I’ve been studying wrong, but I do think I need to spend more time diving deep. My church has been encouraging us to read through the Bible together in a year, but it’s just too fast paced for me. I’m going to slow down and enjoy His word.

    I too am incredibly visual. I love what you’ve done in your journal. Thank you again for sharing!

    1. Hi Kim! I’m so glad you’re going to slow down a bit and enjoy His Word! I absolutely believe there is no right or wrong way to study, but there are ways that speak to us more than others and it’s so important to find what works for you and connects you most closely to God! I hope you are really enjoying your quiet time and hearing from the Lord! Blessings!

  22. We are going to use this in our community Christian Education time on Sept 18th. I can’t wait to show everyone how to write in their bibles, color their bibles and devour their bibles!

  23. I am new to journaling and I use the SOAP method, I do each category in a different color, and for the prayer at the end, I use the hand method.

  24. Hi Tiffany. Thanks for your post. Very helpful. I’ve got a question regarding the categories. Could the categories 10,16,17 be merged into one? and maybe no 7,13,14,15 also?
    My question is really. Do you ever find there are too many categories? Do you ever find that the categories change between NT and OT or between books?

    1. Hi Jonah,
      Great question, and absolutely yes, you should make your categories in a way that makes sense to you. Mine have developed over time, and over different seasons where God was speaking to me about different things, lol. Sometimes I do feel like there are too many, but I honestly don’t use every category every time I study. Like I said, each new season I’m in, I find that I really only use a handful of the categories. Then as my season changes, the categories I use do too. I hope that makes sense! Best wishes to you in your study time. Blessings!!

  25. Thank you for posting this, I’ve been looking for a way to study that made sense to me. I am a pretty new Christian, it’s been maybe a month. I don’t really like the of writing in my Bible though. Is it possible to write in a journal or notebook instead of my bible?

    1. Hi Haley,
      Absolutely!! You should write where it makes sense to you, and where you are comfortable doing so. If you don’t want to write in your Bible then you definitely don’t have to, just be sure to keep good references in your notebook so you can easily flip to the Scriptures you reference. Blessings!!

  26. Good morning from the west coast. My daughter-in -law pinned your blog, which made my heart smile. So I opened it and found this is just what I needed. I thank God for touching you so I could be touched at the exact moment I needed. Many blessing from our God to you!

  27. Thanks you so much for this I am already crazy about using my Twistables and highlighters . Thanks for the SOAP method I love it and am going to try it . I’m a visual learner to and have to write everything down and color code everything cus I have dyslexia so it helps me that way . You inspired . ,etc and my friend have been doing bible studies we get in the mail that we send back to get graded . This will help with that more thank you


  28. Well this post is wonderful. I’m a muslim and will do this on my Koran. I Love the way you talk about God as a friend.
    May God bless you and your loved ones.<3

  29. This is the best bible study post I’ve seen. I’ve been a Christian for 25 years and I am still learning
    New things from his word. Pinned it and will use some of your tips. Thanks so much.

    1. I love that Stephanie! Thank you for your sweet comment, and the reminder of what a blessing it is to get to be constantly learning and growing. God’s Word IS living and active, always teaching us new things when we are willing to listen!! Blessings love!

  30. This is really great, I’m recently reconnecting with the Bible and spending time with God and looking at different ways to get my study in. Sometimes I go with a set devotionals and others just a free study. I think I’ll try out the SOAP method as well to give a little more structure to my free studies.

  31. I wanted to thank you for posting this because this has just helped me so much. I literally had no idea how to start studying my bible but now i kind of do. thank you so much again.

  32. Thank you for sharing. I was just searching for a way that would help teens read Bible. The color codes is a fantastic idea. I’m sharing this with my kids and my youth group. God bless you.

  33. I just came across your post… I love it. It’s so very helpful, just what I was looking for. I have never written my bible I am going use the one i use for the Bible College classes that am currently taking. Thank you again for this awesome post…

  34. I am a deaf lady asian. Wow! I am just reading this your post. Thank you for sharing. Pray for me to start reading my Bible and writing colorful pen crayons on my Bible. I am trying that. Thank you again for amazing post.

  35. I came across this on Pinterest thanks for the ideas and inspiration are there certain colors you use with each category? If so what colors do you use?

    1. Hi April, I’m glad you liked the article. I pick colors based off of the feeling they give me. For instance, this year I’m studying the word “blessing”. Every time I come across that word in my reading, I highlight it in green because green makes me think of generosity, which reminds me of being a blessing. I just use what makes sense to me so it’s easy to remember!

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