Is God Your BFF? Part 3 Getting to Know the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, God IN You

He is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, the power of God, living right inside you. How well developed is your relationship with the Holy Spirit? Do you know who He is, what His purpose is, or that He is your constant helper? This week is most definitely my favorite of the series. I can’t wait to share more with you about this incredible Power you have been given.

We’ve been talking this month about fully developing our relationship with God. We’ve learned that the way to do that is by cultivating the key qualities that make any good friendship last: quality time, good communication, and knowing Him FULLY as Father, Spirit, and Son.

Today we’ll dive in to the final part of a  3 part series helping us understand why quality time and communication with each member of the Trinity is important. 

During week 1, we talked about cultivating a relationship with God the Father, check it out here. Week 2 we explored exactly who Jesus is and how to grow your relationship with Him, read that here. Finally, this week we get to dive into developing a mighty friendship with God living right inside you, the Holy Spirit!

The Holy Spirit

He is your personal counselor, your teacher, and constant helper. The magnificent gift of God, poured out on you.

So why get to know Him better? Because He is God’s most personal gift to you, His own mighty power living in you! He’s your all access pass to all of the fullness and glory of God. He embodies God’s strength, might, comfort and rest, all at your fingertips. When you become a born again, spirit filled Christian, then the Holy Spirit takes up residence right inside you. He is with you wherever you go, doing whatever you do. Seeing everything you see, hearing everything you hear, feeling everything you feel.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had a roomate? Maybe as a kid you shared a room with a sibling, or had a roommate in college? If you’re married, you have a lifelong roommate in your spouse. To have a successful relationship with your roommate, you need to talk, interact, and cooperate. Imagine how lonely or outcast you would feel if your roommate never acknowledged your presence? What if they never talked, interacted, or consulted with you, but instead just lived every moment as if you weren’t even there?

How would that make you feel? I’m guessing pretty lonely. Maybe even useless, or unloved?

That’s exactly what we do to the Holy Spirit when we live our lives apart from Him! When you have the literal ability to tap into the Supreme Power of God, anywhere, any time, why would you ignore it?

How to Spend Quality Time with the Holy Spirit

  • First and foremost, acknowledge His presence! EVERY DAY!
  • Talk to Him. Ask His opinion about things you encounter.
  • Listen to His promptings, and follow His leading.
  • Consult Him with your day to day choices.
  • Seek comfort in Him in your daily troubles.
  • Celebrate with Him in your daily triumphs.
  • Pray with Him, tapping into His power.
  • Be purposeful to include Him in your day to day, minute to minute life.
  • Treat Him like He’s like the best friend you’ve ever had, because He is.

How to Have Good Communication with the Holy Spirit

  • Read the Word and learn to recognize His voice as He speaks to you.
  • As you’re seeking to include Him everyday, listen to His promptings. Part of His job is to quicken your spirit to make you aware of the things of God.
  • Seek counsel in Him, and heed his advice. Just like you would do with an earthly counselor, lay out your troubles and trust Him to help you.
  • Let Him teach you the ways of God. He holds all of God’s wisdom and is ready and able to share it with you.
  • Let Him pray for you. You have your own unique spiritual language, and when you don’t know what to pray, He will take over and pray for you.
  • Trust that the Holy Spirit will always lead you in the direction of God’s will for your life, and follow where He leads.

Scriptures to Help You Get to Know the Holy Spirit

Click here for a printable list of these Scriptures.

Walking hand in hand with the Holy Spirit every day will bring you so much closer to the life God intended you to live. I hope you are feeling empowered and ready to embrace all that God has for you!

Blessings and love,


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Author: Tiffany Young

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